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Randy Kiyan Introduces Ronin Entertainment, His New Management Company

In a daring venture that showcases his entrepreneurial flair and commitment to the arts, Randy Kiyan, previously in charge of literary affairs at Luber Roklin Entertainment, has established his own management firm, Ronin Entertainment.This strategic pivot in his career comes after nearly a decade of substantial industry experience and an impressive track record at Luber Roklin.

In an interview with Deadline, Kiyan discussed his vision for Ronin Entertainment, stating that the company aims to maintain a “sleek and nimble mentality,” crucial for keeping pace with the fast-changing dynamics of today’s entertainment industry. He highlighted that his strategy will continue to focus on “clear communication of goals” and a passionate commitment to fostering “inclusive stories for broad audiences.”

Ronin ent is built on a foundation of mutual trust and shared objectives with its clients, a principle deeply valued by Kiyan and shaped by his experiences at Luber Roklin. He expressed deep thanks to Luber Roklin principals, Matt Luber and Lena Roklin, for their guidance and the freedom they allowed him, which he considers crucial to his professional development.Kiyan also expressed gratitude to his mentors, friends, and colleagues for their consistent support throughout his career changes.

The inauguration of Ronin Entertainment represents not only a new business endeavor but also an extension of Kiyan’s dedication to maintaining integrity in art.His passion for fostering entrepreneurial spirit among his clients is now mirrored in his own career trajectory as he steps into this new chapter.

Joining Kiyan at Ronin Entertainment is a stellar roster of clients from various facets of the entertainment industry. Notable among them are filmmaker Sydney Freeland, known for Disney+’s “Echo” and Netflix’s “Rez Ball”; director Blackhorse Lowe of “Reservation Dogs” and “Outer Range”; and Yolanda Carney, producer of “American Dad”. The roster also features Steven Paul Judd, co-producer of “Dark Winds”; director Yoko Okumura from Blumhouse/MGM+’s “Unseen”; and Shelby Farrell, the creative writer behind “Deidra & Laney Rob a Train”.

Ronin Entertainment will also represent rising stars such as filmmaker Bomani Story, actor and filmmaker Cody Lightning, and Alice Gu, director of “The Donut King”. The company is also expanding its diverse roster to include Sam Feder, director of “Disclosure”; Blake Clark, an actor and comedian recognized for his performances in “The Waterboy” and the “Toy Story” films; and Mike Russo, co-executive producer of “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Kiyan’s extensive career in the industry includes positions at Principato-Young, Rothman Brecher Agency, Mandeville Films, Braun Entertainment Group, and VH1, culminating in a crucial role at Luber Roklin. His broad expertise in management and production forms a strong base for his new venture, Ronin Entertainment.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, Ronin Entertainment, under Kiyan’s leadership, is set to be a dynamic and influential force, dedicated to nurturing and advocating for the creative visions of its clients. With a formidable lineup and a distinct mission, Ronin Entertainment is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in the film and television sectors.